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Order description:

The consulting service includes at least:

- Mapping and identification of key processes in the company;
- Analysis of the tools used in the company's operations - the perspective of key processes;
- Identifying bottlenecks and defining recommendations - the perspective of key challenges;
- Analysis of alternative solutions / paths of action with the use of strategic positioning methods;
- Preparation of recommendations and consultations on the optimal model for the implementation of the improvement / solution;
- Preparation of a detailed specification of a selected recommendation based on one of the selected commonly used methods, including: BMC or other;
- Risk analysis and preparation of a set of preventive, control and monitoring activities;
- Preparation of a proposal for a model implementation schedule and consultation of its assumptions;
- Preparation of the final version of the plan (schedule) for the implementation of the model in the company.


A detailed description of the inquiry can be found here:

inquiry - download

offer form template - download PDF

offer form template - download DOCX

Place and method of submitting offers

The offer must be delivered in person or by post / courier to the following address:

Sepio Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

Wloszczowice 222, 28-404 Włoszczowice, Poland

or send by e-mail to



Contact person for the announcement - Piotr Krzeszowski

Telephone number of the person authorized to contact regarding the advertisement - 791 605 520


Deadline for submitting offers:

until May 27, 2022, until 12:00

19 May 2022


Analysis of the company's processes and preparation for the implementation of system solutions in the field of their digitization.


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