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- Place and method of submitting offers:

The offer must be delivered in person

or by post / courier to the following address:

Sepio Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

Włoszczowice 222, 28-404 Włoszczowice

or send by e-mail to the address p.krzeszowski@sepio.com.pl


The date of receipt of the offer at the registered office or by e-mail of the Ordering Party is decisive.


The offer must be submitted:

- in the case of personal submission, by post / courier - in a non-transparent sealed envelope, bearing the name of the bidder and an entry, eg Offer for the provision of consultancy services in the field of developing a business model of internationalization.

- in the case of sending by e-mail - in the title of the e-mail, include an entry, eg Offer for the provision of consulting services in the field of developing a business model of internationalization. and attach all required documents in the form of scans to the e-mail.


General rules of conduct:

- Each of the Bidders submits only one offer. Submission of more than one offer by one Bidder will result in rejection of all its offers. The tenderer may withdraw the offer until the deadline for submitting the offers.

- Tenders must be submitted in Polish. Each document included in the offer prepared in a language other than Polish should be submitted together with a translation into Polish, certified by the Bidder. In case of doubt, the Polish version is deemed to be the binding version.

- The offer with attachments should be signed by persons authorized to make declarations of will on behalf of the Bidder. The signature should be made in a way that enables its identification, e.g. submitted with a stamp of name or legible (with the name and surname). If the document specifying the Contractor's legal status or the power of attorney shows that two or more people are jointly authorized to represent the Contractor, the documents making up the offer must be signed by all these persons.

- The content of the offer must correspond to the content of the inquiry and cover the entire subject of the contract.

- The Ordering Party does not allow partial offers.

- The Awarding Entity does not allow the submission of variants.

- The period of validity of the offer is 30 days.

- Tenderers may ask questions about the announced procedure. Questions can only be asked by e-mail to p.krzeszowski@sepio.com.pl


Contact person for the advertisement

Piotr Krzeszowski

Telephone number of the person authorized to contact regarding the advertisement

791 605 520


Short description of the subject of the contract:

The subject of the inquiry is the development of a new business model related to the internationalization of Sepio Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. in four European markets.

Ad Category:


Announcement sub-category:

Other services

Purpose of the order:

Selecting a contractor for the implementation of advisory services consisting in the preparation of a business model for the internationalization of Sepio Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. in connection with the intention to apply for the project for co-financing from the European Union funds under the Operational Program Eastern Poland, Measure 1.2 "Internationalization of SMEs".


Short description of the subject of the contract:

The subject of the inquiry is the development of a new business model related to the internationalization of Sepio Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. in four European markets.

Ad Category:

Ordered object:

The subject of the contract is the development of a new business model related to the internationalization of Sepio Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. in four European markets.

The business model is to include in particular:

a) analysis of the entrepreneur's export possibilities by examining the company's products, assessing the competitive position of these products and the enterprise on selected foreign markets, comprehensive examination of the conditions of activity, including barriers to entry into these foreign markets,

b) indication of target markets with the justification (key) of the choice, projection of sales opportunities on these foreign markets, as well as identification of potential customers / contractors on foreign markets,

c) analysis of the company's current business model together with a proposal to change this model in terms of internationalization on selected foreign markets,

d) selection of the most effective marketing and promotional tools and methods (including the indication of trade fairs, exhibitions or directions of economic missions, estimating the budget of promotional activities accompanying the preparation for the implementation of a new business model),

e) recommendations for the reorganization of the enterprise and its preparation for export activities (organization of the export department, logistics, etc.),

f) developing the concept of entering a foreign market, along with a detailed definition of tasks related to the preparation for the implementation of a new business model on individual markets,

g) recommendations for the purchase of software necessary to automate business processes and acquire fixed assets in connection with preparation for internationalization of operations (if applicable),

h) recommendations for the development of exports based on cooperation with international organizations

The business model should be developed in accordance with the document standard published by PARP in the call for applications


(the template of the Business Model standard is attached to this inquiry).

The Contractor is obliged to agree the data in the Business Model with the Employer, take into account the Employer's comments and reservations.

The contractor is obliged to take into account the comments to the Business Model reported by PARP at the stage of formal and content-related assessment in the event that such comments appear.

The above obligations are fulfilled by the Contractor without the right to additional remuneration.


Industry in which the Ordering Party operates:

As part of the internationalization of Sepio Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. plans to start selling its products from the group of laundry dryers on new foreign markets: standing, hanging, ceiling and other dryers.

Link to their offer: https://sepio.eu/produkty/pranie,2,3



CPV code:



CPV code name:

Audit services


Additional items of the order:

73220000-0 - development consultancy services


Order fulfillment schedule:

The terms of commencement and completion of the contract will be determined by the parties (the Employer and the selected Contractor) at the stage of signing the contract for the provision of services. However, the deadline for completing the service will be set so that the Ordering Party can submit an application for funding under the call for proposals conducted until 22/12/2021.


Knowledge and experience:

As part of the order, tenders may be submitted by entities that have proven experience in the preparation of the internationalization business model, i.e. entities that submit references or other documents confirming the preparation of at least one study in this area.

The assessment of compliance with the conditions for participation in the procedure will be carried out on the "meets / does not meet" principle - on the basis of information contained in the documents submitted, ie in accordance with the principle whether the documents have been attached to the offer and whether they meet the requirements specified in the request for proposals.


Terms of contract amendment:

The contracting authority allows the possibility of changing the provisions of the contract concluded with the entity selected as a result of the conducted contract award procedure only in the form of a written annex in points regarding the scope, date and manner of performing the subject of the contract, in the following cases:

- justified, independent of the Contractor or the Ordering Party (e.g. for technical, economic or political reasons),

- objective reasons beyond the control of the Contractor or the Ordering Party, which could not be known at the time of concluding the contract,

- force majeure circumstances,

- difficulties caused by the ongoing pandemic (both on the part of the Employer and the Contractor)

- changes in legal regulations in force on the date of signing the contract.


List of documents / statements required from the Contractor

- Completely completed Appendix No. 1 - Offer form

- Appendix No. 2 - Statement about the lack of connections

- References or other documents proving the required experience



Assessment criteria and description of the scoring procedure

The selection of the offer will be made on the basis of the following criteria and their importance:

Net price - point weight 100 points (100%)

The number of points in the "net price" criterion will be awarded according to the following formula:

Lowest price of the net offer among all non-rejected offers / Net price indicated in the examined offer x100

The ordering party wants to obtain the lowest net price.


The most advantageous offer in relation to these criteria may receive a maximum of 100 points. The points awarded to tenders in individual criteria will be calculated with accuracy to two decimal places.

The Ordering Party will submit the order for execution to the Bidder whose offer meets all the absolute requirements specified in this inquiry and has been assessed as the most advantageous on the basis of the given selection criterion. The Ordering Party does not provide for the possibility of additional explanations / supplements to the submitted offers.

If the Ordering Party will not be able to choose the most advantageous offer due to the fact that the offers with the same number of points have been submitted, the Ordering Party will call the Tenderers who submitted offers to submit - within the time limit specified by the Ordering Party - additional offers. Bidders submitting additional bids may not offer higher prices than those offered in previously submitted bids.

The Ordering Party is entitled to choose the next most advantageous offer in the event that the Bidder whose offer was deemed the most advantageous refuses to sign the contract.

The Awarding Entity will notify the Contractors about the selection of the best offer by placing relevant information on the Sepio website (publication in the same place as the invitation to tender).

An executive contract will be signed with the selected Contractor. The contract will be signed within the validity period of the offer. Contractors are bound by the offer for a period of 30 calendar days from the date of expiry of the offer submission deadline.

The contracting authority reserves the right to change the inquiry before the deadline for submitting offers and to close the procedure without selecting the offer or to cancel the procedure at any time without giving a reason. In the event of such circumstances, the Bidders shall not be entitled to any claims against the Ordering Party. Information on the change, closure or cancellation of the procedure, if there are any premises for it, will be published on the Sepio website (publication in the same place as the invitation to tender).



Entities that are related to the Ordering Party personally or by capital are excluded from the procedure. Personal or capital ties are understood as mutual connections between the Ordering Party or persons authorized to incur liabilities on behalf of the Ordering Party or persons performing on behalf of the Ordering Party activities related to the preparation and conduct of the Contractor selection procedure and the Contractor consisting in particular in:

- participation in the company as a partner in a civil partnership or partnership,

-having shares or at least 10% of shares,

- performing the function of a member of the supervisory or management body, proxy, proxy,

- being in such a legal or actual relationship, which may raise justified doubts as to the impartiality in the selection of the contractor, in particular being married, in a relationship of kinship or affinity in a straight line, kinship or affinity in a collateral line to the second degree or in relation to adoption, guardianship or guardianship.

The following entities are excluded from the procedure:

  • in a difficult economic and financial situation,
  • being an entity in relation to which liquidation has been opened or whose bankruptcy has been announced, with the exception of contractors who, after the declaration of bankruptcy, concluded an arrangement approved by a legally valid court decision, if the arrangement does not provide for the satisfaction of creditors by liquidation of the bankrupt's assets,
  • being an entity which is in arrears with the payment of taxes, fees or social or health insurance contributions, except for cases when they have obtained the exemption provided for by law, deferment, distribution of overdue payments into installments or suspension of the entire execution of the decision of the competent authority,
  • being a person who has been legally convicted of an offense committed in connection with the contract award procedure, an offense against the rights of paid persons, an offense against the environment, a bribery offense, an offense against economic turnover or other offenses committed for financial gain, as well as for fiscal offense or the offense of participating in an organized group or association aimed at committing a fiscal offense or offense.


The assessment of the fulfillment of the above-mentioned condition will be made on the basis of the bidder's statements contained in the Offer Form (Appendix No. 1) and the Bidder's statement - Appendix No. 2 - Declaration of no connections: acc. To formulas: meets / does not meet.






The offer has been selected:
EV Consulting Emilia Wróblewska
ul. Nowogrodzka 50/515
00-695, Warszawa
Cena : 28 000 zł netto


Other offers:

Itro Sp. z o.o.

ul. Wschodnia 46, 15-158 Białystok

Cena: 32 000 zł netto

The offer was not considered due to formal shortcomings.




Application deadline:

24.11.2021 r.

- the deadline for submitting offers is extended to November 26, 2021. (updated on November 24, 2021)

16 November 2021


Development of a new business model related to the internationalization of Sepio Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. in four European markets.

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