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01 June 2022

How to install our ceiling dryer?

The assembly instructions from the packaging of the ceiling dryer are not enough? If so, we invite you to watch the video with a more detailed instruction.


Before starting work, remember about preparing the appropriate tools and about make sure of your safety. Installation of the dryer should be carried out by a person with appropriate authorizations to use all tools, power tools and ladders.


Tools needed:

- screwdriver;

- drill;

- pencil;

- ruler;

- a piece of thin wire approximately 1 mm in diameter and approximately 80 mm long.

A regular paper clip will be perfect! Bend it as shown in the video (straighten it, then bend it in half).


Our ceiling dryer can be mounted both on the right and on the left side. In order to mount the dryer on the opposite wall than shown in the video, it is enough to pull the strings next to the bars through the ceiling slats from the other side, adequately starting with the longer string.


Our dryers have already cut and threaded cords. It was done at the production stage. Thanks to this it will take you less time to install the dryer.

In addition, thanks to appropriate safeguards, our ceiling dryers can be successfully installed on the balcony, terrace or garden shed without fear of exposing the product to weather conditions.

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