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30 May 2022

Laundry dryer that will last a lifetime.

There have come times when caring for the environment and our planet has become an important part of our lives.

As a company, we make effort to ensure that more and more of our products are made with the use of ecological means and technologies and serve our customers for many years.


Model 205 Sepio laundry dryer

is an ideal solution for demanding customers who are looking for a reliable product. Every construction detail has been carefully analyzed and refined to ensure the highest quality and durability.


Very thick bars, stable and durable.

The model 205 laundry dryer has extra-thick drying surface bars. Up to 19 mm! Thanks to this, it can withstand a much greater load than standard dryers. The bars do not bend under the influence of a large amount of washing. In addition, specially profiled legs ensure the stability of the entire structure.



Already at the stage of production of the smallest elements, we took care of the possibility of recycling the dryer. Unlike standard laundry dryers, our bars are coated, not powder coated. This process strengthens the structure, makes it resistant to scratches and facilitates the process of separating individual parts for possible disposal and allows for further recycling.


Spare parts.

To ensure the durability of the model 205 dryer and extend its service life, we have decided to make it easier for customers to access spare parts. A specially developed folding system allows for simple and independent replacement of elements.

To purchase spare parts, please contact us or visit our store!


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